Technology and Me.

If we talk about technology what will you think? And how does technology help you in your daily life?

By: Liam Peter
Photo Credit: Liam Peter

For me Technology is something that will make your life easier. Technology has improved so much that if we are to look back in past people used to have phone And they can’t really do anything with it, accept call. But now a days the phones are pretty much computers. In the past computers used to be so big that it will take upto one room then it start improving and start making computer smaller. this days people pretty much wear computer in their hand, called as Smartwatch or Applewatch. The technology has improved so much that you can make money just by sitting home, How? By Making videos on youtube, creating Blogs, etc.

Photo Credit: redsoul300
Photo Credit: redsoul300
Photo Credit: NOGRAN s.r.o.
Photo Credit: NOGRAN s.r.o.




8 thoughts on “Technology and Me.

  1. This is a pretty good first post. Your ideas are explained somewhat but could be expanded on. You could bring in other ideas as well. Great job posting and attributing the pictures.


  2. You have lots of ideas but you should try explaining more. I like how you asked questions in the beginning, it engages the readers. You also forgot to capitalize some letters at the beginning of words. Overall, it was a great post and you had good points.


  3. Hello!
    First of all, it was pretty exciting to read blogs from another country. But not only that you are from another continent your topic was interesting as well. You explained it pretty well how technology changed our lives throughout the past 50 years. I could not even imagine living without a smart phone. Do you know more about these technology things? I would love to see blogs about it in the future.
    Greetings from Austria, Alex

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  4. Hey Hamzah!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog! This is due to your layout. I loved the questions function as introduction, because it demands the reader to participate and not just read it. But also the topic is a very interesting one. It also is partly your credit because of your explanations and examples!
    Sincerely, Dominik.


  5. You chose a very interesting topic to talk about. Yes you are right. Technology has evolved alot and now you can have a very complex device in your pocket! 10 years ago you could only have dreamed about having such a device but now everyone has one. Keep up the good work!

    why don`t you check out my blog?:


  6. I agree that technology is a beautiful thing but sometimes I believe it can also be a dangerous thing. Although we tend to only look at the positives, it also has opened a world of dangers. But there is always a way to avoid these dangers and it is best to listen to a trusting adult when it comes to wondering about such things. Feel free to look at my blog


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