Good Comments vs Bad Comments

Good comment and Bad comment!

Whenever you write comment, your profile should look good and has to be appropriate.
Your profile should have your name not like gamertroller99. And your profile picture should have a scenery or building or something real it should not look like gaming wallpaper of funny or scary pictures. Let’s talk about comments. People take the time to write a post, it’s good but what if they find the time to write a comment on someone’s blog to let them know their thoughts.

Photo Credit: Michael Aaronson
Photo Credit: Michael Aaronson

 When you are writing a good comment you should keep this in your mind:

1. Remember to tell what you liked and disliked about the post.

2. Always use correct spelling and grammar.

3. Do not include any personal information of your self.

4. And always read over your comment and check if it make sense.


bad comment on someone post contains:

Photo credit: sashanovikova via flickr
Photo credit: sashanovikova via flickr.

1. Bad grammar

2. Doesn’t make any sense.

3. And always talk about what the person dislike.

4. Doesn’t read over again and post whatever they had written.


One thought on “Good Comments vs Bad Comments

  1. Overall, well done. I like the advice you have gave us and if anyone else were to read your blog, they would take a lot from it. Your content was well done, but there were some minor grammatical errors. You taught me how to write good blogs and you should keep this up and you content is very nice.


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