Avatar and Reviewing Doppelme.com

Why did i choose this avatar because if you see in avatar he is standing in park. I choose this background because mostly people like to go to park.img_4868 In summer time when I am bored I just go to park and pretty much play with anyone or just sit in the park. And you can also see he is holding a gaming computer, because I love gaming computer they work so well and you can run any game you want.

I made my avatar from doppelme.com. From this website you can make your own avatar for any thing. You can make your avatar how want it to look like. It was helpful to build me a avatar. The thing I liked about this website that they have some good stuff and background which can make your avatar look more good. The thing I dislike about the website was the stuff which were cool were for coins and you have to buy coins to unlock the things. And also the website doesn’t have more cool stuff which can make your avatar look more cool. That is all stuff I wanted to said about the website. By my dislike comment doesn’t mean that the website is not goood. It is good to make and use this website to create your avatar for blogs.


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