Who I am

Hello,  i am Hamzah Shaikh. I am a grade 10 student at Regina Huda School. I have been living in Canada for 3 years, But originally i am from India. i was born on January 16, 2002. I like to travel and the place where i want to go will be Dubai. It’s a huge city and you get to go to more places. I am great at basketball, and i play for Thom high school basketball team. Many people like to listen to Music but to be honest i am not that much interested in music. I do play games. I like to play on PS4 but since i don’t have a PS4 i play on PC. And some of the game i like to play is COD BO III, GTA5, Fortnite, etc.


Pics for Word!

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Facebook was launched in 2004 by a kid at Harvard University named Mark Zukerberg. It started out with the name “Thefacebook” and was only available only for Harvard students, or anyone with a harvard.edu email address.The social network spread quickly throughout Harvard because it was exclusive.

Photo Credit: Comps adda
Photo Credit: Comps adda

Although It was originally launched as a network for Harvard students, Facebook was eventually made available to students at other university and then finally to everyone with access to a computer. Now just few  years later, it has became the largest social networking site in history. As of the publication


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With more than 1.2 billion active user, including 618 million who log in everyday. Facebook has become virtual world itself. Harvard dropout Mark Zukerberg originally started Facebook as a dorm room exercise to extend the popular printed college directory of income, but he has since developed it into an international organization employing more than 4,500 programmers, graphic artists, and marketing and business development office across  the United States as well as in Dublin, London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Sydney, and Toronto. These day on average, more than 3 billion post are liked and commented, and more than 450 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every single day!


Avatar and Reviewing Doppelme.com

Why did i choose this avatar because if you see in avatar he is standing in park. I choose this background because mostly people like to go to park.img_4868 In summer time when I am bored I just go to park and pretty much play with anyone or just sit in the park. And you can also see he is holding a gaming computer, because I love gaming computer they work so well and you can run any game you want.

I made my avatar from doppelme.com. From this website you can make your own avatar for any thing. You can make your avatar how want it to look like. It was helpful to build me a avatar. The thing I liked about this website that they have some good stuff and background which can make your avatar look more good. The thing I dislike about the website was the stuff which were cool were for coins and you have to buy coins to unlock the things. And also the website doesn’t have more cool stuff which can make your avatar look more cool. That is all stuff I wanted to said about the website. By my dislike comment doesn’t mean that the website is not goood. It is good to make and use this website to create your avatar for blogs.

Good Comments vs Bad Comments

Good comment and Bad comment!

Whenever you write comment, your profile should look good and has to be appropriate.
Your profile should have your name not like gamertroller99. And your profile picture should have a scenery or building or something real it should not look like gaming wallpaper of funny or scary pictures. Let’s talk about comments. People take the time to write a post, it’s good but what if they find the time to write a comment on someone’s blog to let them know their thoughts.

Photo Credit: Michael Aaronson
Photo Credit: Michael Aaronson

 When you are writing a good comment you should keep this in your mind:

1. Remember to tell what you liked and disliked about the post.

2. Always use correct spelling and grammar.

3. Do not include any personal information of your self.

4. And always read over your comment and check if it make sense.


bad comment on someone post contains:

Photo credit: sashanovikova via flickr
Photo credit: sashanovikova via flickr.

1. Bad grammar

2. Doesn’t make any sense.

3. And always talk about what the person dislike.

4. Doesn’t read over again and post whatever they had written.

Technology and Me.

If we talk about technology what will you think? And how does technology help you in your daily life?

By: Liam Peter
Photo Credit: Liam Peter

For me Technology is something that will make your life easier. Technology has improved so much that if we are to look back in past people used to have phone And they can’t really do anything with it, accept call. But now a days the phones are pretty much computers. In the past computers used to be so big that it will take upto one room then it start improving and start making computer smaller. this days people pretty much wear computer in their hand, called as Smartwatch or Applewatch. The technology has improved so much that you can make money just by sitting home, How? By Making videos on youtube, creating Blogs, etc.

Photo Credit: redsoul300
Photo Credit: redsoul300
Photo Credit: NOGRAN s.r.o.
Photo Credit: NOGRAN s.r.o.